Swapnali Palekar


"I am Swapnali. I joined Hamaara Sapna three years ago. I learnt many more things like behaviour, discipline, kindness. It’s inspire me a lot. I found friendship, discipline and love everything in one class. Thank you Minal Mam you made my life and helped us to be a good human being. Wherever I may go in my life I will always remember Hamaara Sapna. Once again I would like to thank Minal Mam for giving us great help by Hamaara Sapna."

Premlata Jadhav


"I am in Hamaara Sapna last 3 years. Now I like to share my experience with all of you. Such a wonderful platform for us. We have learn so much good things here. Hamaara Sapna all teachers help us to express our hobbies, talent in all women. We have learn dance, yoga, computers to here. In computer we learn internet, net banking, e-mail, etc. Now a days what is necessary. Yoga is good for health and English is most important language. Teacher totally help me to learn English. I feel very happy. I spend good quality of time. We get new friends to here. We stay friendly with each other.

I know which is hidden talent in myself but here we used my talents in Hamaara Sapna.

Meenal Mam, you are the best organiser to make our dreams come true. I feel very happy and enjoy Hamaara Sapna.

Thank you Meenal Mam and all teachers.

Thank you to give me a time to express my experience here. Thank you."

Pushpa Balsara


"I Mrs. Pushpa R. Bulsara joined Hamaara Sapna in 2014. I am learning computers, English, Yoga & tailoring here. Our teachers takes lots of efforts to teach us. Their nature is friendly with us. They keep patience while teaching us. I can operate computers very well. I can do online transactions and can search on google whatever I want to know. My English is improved and now I can speak and write very well. I can do yoga in perfect manners. It keeps me physically and mentally healthy. I was not able to stitch clothes on machine but now able to stitch salwar kurta. I got opportunity to participate in Marathon. All this facility we are getting without spending a single penny. I am really thankful to Hamaara Sapna for making me a part of it."

Vijaya Waikul


"I join Hamaara Sapna in the year 2014. I like to share my experience with you. Before that I did not like sewing. But our teacher Mrs. Prabha mam teaches very well. She teaches me how to run sewing machine. Now I run sewing machine and sews clothes. Now I like sewing. I know English before but now I improve my English Language. I can speak English with my daughter little bit. Talking aboutyoga. I like yoga but did not know the proper way of asanas and pranayam. Here I learn Yoga systematically. Last but not the least I talk about computers. It is my favourite subject. I have a lot of interest in it. Our teacher Mr. Vinay teachers us very good. He teaches not only computers but also internet. Now I can operate internet easily.

In all over I increase my confidence level."

Kiran Baig


"I joined Hamaara Sapna on 15th July 2015. I never saw such a hard working teachers in past who tries tries to make happy to others and improves their life. I always makes mistake but now I am not making a single mistake because of their guidance. They teaches us how to speak confidently on any subject and how to be a perfect person in our day to day life. Now I vanished my nervousness, fearness and sickness.

I can speak confidently on any subject. It improves because of our teachers kindness and strictness. My English Speaking also now well improved. Now I can write confidently, frankly our teachers motivated for doing better tomorrow. Our Yoga teacher helps to be fit in physically with different activities and ways. Computer teacher always helps to be smart in future. All teachers are very helpful and I like to come in class daily. I want to say thanks to Minal Mam for giving me admition in Hamaara Sapna. Thank You."

Archana Rane


"I joined Hamaara Sapna class one year ago. I learnt Yoga, English, Computer and Tailoring. I learn in Hamaara Sapna class discipline and kindness. I got friends. I learnt to handle computers. When I go, I will never forget Hamaara Sapna in my life. I would liked to thank Mrs. Minal Bajaj Madam for given us great help by Hamaara Sapna. I am very glad to be part of Hamaara Sapna class."

Vimala Jitiya


"After joining Hamaara Sapna my life is changed. Now I understand English. Now I speak English a little. Find learn a lot of English better.

I am inspired by Minal Madam and it is a better life for all ladies. Thank you madam for Hamaara Sapna.

I participate in all programmes and enjoy and have a lot of fun."

Alka Hamand


"Hamaara Sapna taught me many things. First I did not know about anything. But after joining Hamaara Sapna now I can operate computers. I can speak English. I can make creative things like needing work etc. Teacher over here take much hard work for training us at the best level. Hamaara Sapna gives us knowledge with fun and enjoyment when we plant a sappling the way it grow we want Hamaara Sapna also to grow."

Shital Jadhav


"Hamaara Sapna started 15th June 2014. I am taught four subjects in the class. English, Sewing, Yoga and Computers. When I came in class, I did not know many words. Somedays after I catch up the English words. I make some sentences. Now I understand English. I confidant. I operate the computer. I send mail to my friends. I make my own dress. I am able to maintain physical and mentent well."

Pallavi Bhosale


"Before I joint the Hamaara Sapna I feels lonely and lose my confident. When joint Hamaara Sapna I feel better and get confident. I am improving my English, computer, sewing and yoga. I get more friends just like our holl family. We are share our problem and enjoy events together all teacher are teaching to us very good and deeply. I want to thanks to Hamaara Sapna."

Usha Morajkar


"Hamaara Sapna means dream of life. Why? Because I join in Hamaara Sapna my confidence level is increase in life. I do not anything but now I write English, little speak English.

In Hamaara Sapna class many women learn together. Outside the computer, tailoring and yoga fees are very high but here fees is not taken. In class women are learn enjoy. Here all women celebrate Dashera, dandiya, haldikumkum and other. I enjoyed every celebrate very much."

Suman Nagre


"After I joined Hamaara Sapna I learnt many more things like English, Yoga, computers, stitching clothes and other activities.

I am taking Yoga class to outside. It helps me earn money by doing myself.

I confidence finally stand on my feet. I am so lucky I part in Hamaara Sapna. It is possible 4 year part in Marathon and Jamnalal Bajaj Awards. I am so lucky I am in Hamaara Sapna."

Suvarna Zurunge


"I joined Hamaara Sapna four years ago.

I am completely involve in your institution. Teachers are a great deal of knowledge about the subject.

I learned, “The world is not changed by your opinion, It’s changed by your actions. So be the change you want to see in the world.

If Hamaara Sapna’s class is magnet for attract.

Madam ji, you usually to meet get together. I do not have words to praise highly. God bless you. Make a progress achievement and pleasant life. I hope this get well wish brings a smile to your face."

Reeta Bhandarkar


"Four years ago, I came to know about Hamaara Sapna, that they are opening some classes to develop women’s personality. I hesitated to join but when I came to know about the subjects, I couldn’t stop joining it. Since then I am attached to this institution.

Here we learn computers, yoga, stitching and spoken English. I had no knowledge about computers. When I used to watch children operating computers I used to feel sad about my knowledge of computers. But now I am much more familiar to computers. Yoga made me physically and mentally fit. I can stitch my dress. Our English teacher is a multi tasker. She not only taught us how to speak in English but she has developed every woman’s personality. I have observed that women after joining here have become bold and strong. All our teachers are very co-operative and down to earth. I am enjoying my journey in Hamaara Sapna very much."

Harshada Khot


"I am coming from 4 years to learn in Hamaara Sapna. When I came here I was very upset. I not speak other ladies. Kruti madam told me Harshada you speak with other ladies. You do not keep quite. I am very happy now. Hamaara Sapna is very nice trust for women life. Here teaches Yoga, English, Computers, Stitching and other activities. Sir and madam teach very nicely. So i liked everything. Thank you Hamaara Sapna. Thank you Minal Madam."

Rajni Bandarkar


"If you had seen me before, I was feel like shy, not that much confident. I joined Hamaara Sapna class in 2012 at Tardeo branch. I was regularly attending Hamaara Sapna class. And I think there is improvement in my personality. I am more confident and positive thinking is also improving. I take part in dance and other curricular activities which held by Hamaara Sapna every year. This happens because of Mrs. Minal Bajaj who started this class Hamaara Sapna Class at Tardeo Centre. This class is not for women like me who is housewife but also for other women and girls. I am learning here computers, yoga, stitching and English. I am improving in all the subjects slowly and gradually. My personal thanks to Mrs. Minal Bajaj, all my respected teachers and all staff of Hamaara Sapna class."

Sharda Kadge


"It was 4th Feb, 2012 when I take 1st step to Hamaara Sapna. My mind was of thoughts. But after 5 years I realized it was a best step I have take in my life that time I joined Hamaara Sapna.

I learnt one of the most importen language in world that is English. Now I can read write and little talk in English. English help me to use mobile computer laptop easily.

I use to afraid of touchin and operating laptop, computer. Now I can easily operate the laptop and computer. I can make do projects in power point. I useing skype. I can talk to my son everyday. I can easily opret mobile and whats app.

Health is wealth. I learnt this is my yoga classes because of yoga I am able to maintain physical and mental well."

Shruti Mangaonkar


"Hamaara Sapna started on 6th Feb 2012 I joined this class that time I was poor in English. Now i make small sentences I read English news papers, Midday, Bombay Times. I write stories. I write a letter to my friends.

I was not able to work on sewing machine but now I made babysdres. I became self dipendent.

I never no how to opret to computer. opret computer I work in word paint and power point English teacher do homework that time I open the mobil and go threw Internet and search to information.

I do every do yoga I am able to maintain physical and mental well."

Pratibha Todankar


"I joined Hamaara Sapa 6th Feb 2012. This class is a place of learning for women.

My first choice was yoga, But I learnt other classes and I get interested in them. I can feel that day by day my learning skills are developing.

I search Internet get information. I search goal maps and find many places. I can reach to my destination without asking anybody. Before my English conversation was very poor, now I improve it.

I can easily do the cutting, fitting and finishing. I know different patterns name. We can earn money from stitching.

I did not know how to dance and I participated in other activities. I danced in Rajasthan cultural programme in front of people and my husband was shocked. Hamaara Sapna is a second career path for me after spending several years in a housewife’s role. Independent woman is our Minal Mam dream and this dream will be successful through Hamaara Sapna."

Shailaja Warang


"Hamaara Sapna is a class opened for ladies. I joined on 6th Feb 2012. I was bored staying in the house.

I did not know stitching. I understand and observed that stitching was very good. I made dress, kurtas etc.

English subject is important in my life. I did not know how to speak in English and my mind was blank. I observed and now I try to talk in English.

In computer class it is really fun to handle mouse and know basic knowledge of computers. The knowledge of internet. I can find areas on google maps of any place. I am just learning photoshop.

My family does not like that I come to class but I still come. I participated in many activities, festivals. I want to do something in my life. I have more confidence in life now than before."

Vandana Sawant


"My name is Vandana Sawant. I joined Hamaara Sapna 4 years ago. There are four classes - computer, yoga, English and sewing. My life changed after I came to Hamaara Sapna but now I don’t know how to dance. But now I know how to dance. There are many extra activities in class. I know how to operate the mouse. Now I send E mail to my friends. I am very happy. I forget my tensions. I got many friends in class. My English is very poor. But after I try to speak. I like yoga for fitness. Yoga necessary physical and medical our body. I made many types of clothes.Baby frock, blouses, kurta etc. I came in a class for 2 hours tensions free. Hamaara Sapna is an important part of my life. I can face any problem in my life."

Deeplaxmi Amberkar

English Teacher, Dharavi Centre

"It has been a pleasure and I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with Hamaara Sapna.

In my one year of interaction with the women here I have gained an insight of the problems they face and the lives they live. I can see that they have gained skills and confidence here. The teaching goes beyond the class as few of the women here send me messages in English with their queries and communication.

The real challenge in life is not being better than others but being better than yourself. In this regard, I would say that Hamaara Sapna has become a success as the women here have shown improvement as compared to the first day that they walked into the class. Thank you Hamaara Sapna for giving these women a life changing gift."

Pushpa Singh

Embroidery Teacher, Tardeo Centre

"I would like to share my experience with you. It has been 2 years since I joined Hamaara Sapna. This is really a great platform for teachers as well as students (i.e. for ladies) to learn and explore their knowledge “Hamaara Sapna” is one of the best NGOs I have come across. It fully and purely work as NGO, for development of women. It’s my pleasure to work with such an organization. “Hamaara Sapna” has built my confidence at a great extent. I have worked with many organizations before, but such an environment of working is commendable.

Minal mam you are doing a fabulous job. You are building self confidence among the housewives who are not able to explore their talents. You are providing a great help by educating them and building their skills and motivating to come up.

Last but not least, mam thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with you and your organization. I am glad to inform you that I am enjoying my work and I am learning a lot too."

Sanjali Jain

Intern, Hamaara Sapna Tardeo Centre

"In the winter of 2016 I volunteered to work at Hamaara Sapna , a non profit organization dedicated to providing women with a strong foundation which helps them to be self reliant and independent. This was my first time working at an NGO. It was one of the most elating experiences of my life. Interacting with the ladies showed me a whole other side of our society. The honesty and openness with which they told me about themselves and their feelings about this organization did not once make me feel like a stranger. Helping them out with English and Computers made me realize that such small contributions by people like us can leave such a big impact on others. Their dedication and sincerity to learning and growing was what made me want to come here every day. Every time they would see me they would make an effort to greet me in English. I asked to not just greet me but even converse with me as well their peers in English. They were shy and embarrassed at their English in the beginning but even giggling and laughing at themselves they made an effort. The eagerness to learn which Hamaara Sapna has instilled in them is what marks the success of this organization.

Another highlight of my experience was in helping in planning and organizing the 5th Annual Day of Hamaara Sapna to be held in February. A lot of them were very keen on participating in the Annual Day. It was truly a joy to see their enthusiasm and excitement. Their confidence and eagerness to not just showcase their talents but even to explore their potential is what I admired the most. The event has dance performances, Yoga Performances, Singing , Acting and a lot more. It is amazing to see how gifted the ladies are and that they are being given a chance to realize their talent. The teachers here constantly encourage and push the ladies towards being the best version of themselves. The bond the ladies share with their staff and faculty is what makes Hamaara Sapna so special. The multifold and holistic development approach of Hamaara Sapna has helped these ladies in a tremendous way and will continue to do so. Being able to contribute here in whatever small way that I could, has really been a great experience for me. I wish Hamaara Sapna all the best in its future endeavors."

Krishnakumar Shinde

Yoga Teacher, Tardeo and Dharavi Centre

"I am working here since last three years as a yoga teacher. Thanks to Minal madam for giving me a good opportunity to be the yoga teacher. As I am teaching yoga practices to students, I can see that they are improving at the physical and mental level. The confidence level of students has also increased. Effective yoga practices for knee pain, back pain, headache is making a difference to the students.

There were some who were having a negative attitude towards yoga to start with. However a gradual positive change has overcome them as well. Now Yoga is becoming their favorite subject."

Vinay Kelkar

Computer Teacher, Tardeo Centre

"Since I started, over five years ago it's been an amazing and enjoyable learning experience at Hamaara Sapna which inspires learning growth and challenges to these women to rise in their lives. I hope I have been able to do justice to the ladies who come to learn computer from me. Throughout my experience, I have received wonderful support from the students and all staff members. I always feel safe to talk to administrative team about areas of growth.

Teaching here is an experience, never to be forgotten. It’s like a new Family with the presence of caring students and all team members as if I belong to this huge family, not just a outsider.

I would just like to say a big thank you to the whole team of Hamaara Sapna.

Thank You…"