The most ideal role models that Hamaara Sapna follows are none other than Jamnalal Bajaj and the Father of the Nation, Gandhiji. Gentle but firm, loving but truthful, someone that all found solace and comfort in. He rightly said, “A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.” Hamaara Sapna works with women to bring out that inner child and inculcate a sense of inner freedom and growth. Sow the seeds in a fertile mind to give rise to positive ideas, positive change and positive action in one’s life.

Salient Features of the Organization can be enlisted as:


  • Following Gandhian principles of working with products of the Indian soil, it works with Khadi and encourages women to tailor all clothes in it.
  • Providing an all-round approach for the women. From a distinct skill like tailoring and stitching, it extends to further incorporate Spoken English, making one well versed with Computers, bringing about effective changes in the body and mind through the practice of Yoga and self- reliance through Self Defence.
  • Imbibing the belief in women that anything is possible if the intention stands strong.
  • Providing the women opportunities to interact with experts from various fields to develop self and skills.
  • Focussing on Internal Health through mediums of Counselling and Inter Personal Development, on Nutrition, Orthopaedics, Physiotherapy, Medical Camps, Stress Management, etc.
  • Additional experiences like Dance Therapy, Awareness Talks by Police, Women’s Rights, Legal Rights, etc.
  • Exposure to a wider spectrum via museum visits, marathon, exhibitions, picnics, excursions, etc.
  • Summer workshops for women and children.


What makes our initiative unique is its holistic nature.