Educating Women


Women form an integral part of the population. Their contribution to society as daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandparent is priceless. However, there are still many women around the world that lack the respect that they rightfully deserve. There have been numerous reasons but one of the primary causes has been narrowed down to the lack of education.


Education is a fundamental right. It is commonly believed that bread earners need to be educated as they require knowledge and exposure to work and deal with people. Males are considered to be the bread earners even today and a women’s place is to look after the home. A happy woman leads to a happy home.


In a diverse country like India with constantly changing times, thoughts and ideas, Hamaara Sapna realises the strong pivotal point that a woman plays in her family. She represents the glue that binds and keeps families together. She can be powerful without projecting it, can make things happen without actually doing anything. A little bit of coaxing and making her get in touch with her inner self can make her change her world 180 degrees. If one wants a better tomorrow then women’s problems definitely need to be addressed and they need to be an integral part of the movement for change.


Major changes take place when women are educated:

  • She is able to successfully impart what she learns to the others in her family.
  • Can help her children with their studies and take an active interest in the ongoing issues in their lives.
  • Would be a positive influence on her entire family.
  • Becomes an integral part of decision making at home. Her ideas and suggestions would carry weight.
  • Her self-confidence and self-esteem would grow and she would readily take on any challenge.
  • She can uplift the entire family and be a strong influence and role model for many around her.
  • She can be an epitome of courage and strength.


A progressive society is one that gives equal opportunities to men and women. It reaches out to make women feel comfortable and make them self-sustainable and self-dependent. Our beneficiaries are encouraged and hand held to overcome their lack of self-respect through education. An educated woman will have the ability to use what she learns for her betterment, live a better life herself and make a difference to her family and society.