Holistic Education Plan

It was observed that whilst a majority of the target population, namely girls and women, had a basic education, they lacked knowledge, exposure and above all, acceptance. Self-acknowledgement as someone capable of going beyond household chores was absent.



  • To introduce a holistic approach to different areas of their life.
  • To provide opportunities to women and enable them to emerge more confident and self-assured.
  • To teach them means that could be incorporated in their daily life so they can live more positively and healthily.
  • To make the women realise that ‘focus on self’ was important especially if they wished to make a difference to their families.


Hamaara Sapna focuses on tailoring skills, to encourage women to earn a living and be self-sustainable. Women are trained from scratch in the art of tailoring. The journey progresses from baby steps to gigantic leaps. Believing and following the Gandhian ideology khadi is the primary cloth used. Women learn to use tools required for skilled tailoring. The women are patiently imparted knowledge right from taking measurements to pattern making and finishing. Additional information on stain removal, care of khadi and much more is shared with them. Women master the art of cutting cloth and make a variety of items for children and women. The training has brought to the surface, a boost in confidence and the love and interest in tailoring.



Hamaara Sapna believes that having mastered the art of tailoring, one needs to further enhance skills to make a mark in this field. This progress is encouraged through Embroidery. Women are taught different types of embroidery with different threads. Finishing is also given to them in this field. This has enabled the women to develop and enhance their creativity. Seeing their patterns and designs taking shape has been fulfilling for many. Different women have also identified their strengths. This has been an inflection point for them to decide what they would like to pursue. Some women have shown amazing skill and creativity in embroidery whereas some have excelled at tailoring. Embroidery marks a sense of completion resulting in mental and emotional gratification.

Future: Block printing, Tie and Dye and Advanced Finishing Techniques.



In times when women are branching out from their little world to become a part of the bigger picture, being grounded in a universally understood language would be ideal. Conversational English enables them overcome the trepidation and hesitancy they experience in speaking a language foreign to them and communicate with people from the outside world. This further builds their confidence to deal with others whilst running their own business in the future. It helps to open up avenues and opportunities to deal with different clientele. At the home front, being able to read and write and sign in English makes them contribute in important family decisions and earns them respect. It is a common angst they feel when they are unable to teach their children or be a part of conversations or fill up important forms. However, they are able to put all this behind them when they start understanding English as a conversational tool.



Computer knowledge and information would help the women maintain records and simple data. It also helps them with co-ordination, correspondence via e-mail and internet searches. From not knowing the start button to making power point presentations, having their own e-mail ids, using Photoshop and doing much more, women go far. They are also introduced to a wealth of knowledge available to them on the internet. The joy and pride that they experience when they operate the computer are success stories in themselves. Women have started using laptops and computers at home that they had never touched before for fear of spoiling them.



Yoga is one way of not only strengthening the body but the mind as well. It aims to bring about positive changes in life. In the daily humdrum of their lives women often forget to give enough importance to their own physical and mental health. Women often find themselves lagging despite the motivation to do something for themselves because their bodies cannot keep up. Many come to terms with the lack of good health and overall fitness and start working towards being in better shape. Simple techniques and asanas aim to bring about flexibility and an increase in mobility. Being stress free and pain free tends to make the women feel like they have been born again. Overall better health would encourage women to lead an active and fulfilling life whereby the motivation to earn a living for self would be greater.


Interpersonal Development

Other important areas that are focussed upon aim to benefit the women in totality. Besides, skills, knowledge and information provided, it is important that women have a taste of other areas that can benefit them in order to excel at whatever they choose to do. Talking to them about how to comport themselves on public occasions, participate in important events, basic etiquette and grooming and how to participate in exhibitions has been helpful and effective. Counselling services are also provided for those on a regular basis who need a little bit of guidance or feel the need to vent.