I had a dream to improve the quality of life for the slum women of South Mumbai. With the positive support of the family, this materialized into Hamaara Sapna, part of the Jamnalal Bajaj Sewa Trust in February 2012. An Initiative conceptualized and designed to bring in a transformational change in the lives of marginalized women.


I share with you as to what led and prompted me to set this endeavour. In Mumbai, we all witness that the affluent and the not so are neighbours who cannot ignore one another’s existence. Thus creating a level of resentment and inaccessibility amongst large underprivileged women, who saw no means by which they could uplift themselves or their families. Hamaara Sapna thus came into being with a hope and confidence to change this imbalance without uprooting their existence.


Most of our beneficiaries are unable to go beyond their vicinity, taking care of their children and running their households. Their primary focus has been on providing good education to their children in order to give them a better life. However, in the bargain, this has resulted in their children disrespecting their mothers due to their mothers’ lack of knowledge and exposure. This scenario saddened me a lot and gave birth to Hamaara Sapna. Keeping these limitations in mind, a centre had to be close to their home.


Our aim at Hamaara Sapna is to provide a holistic exposure to the women, bringing a smile to their faces and calmness within. This led us to give them knowledge on Computers, English, Tailoring and Yoga along with Self – Defence and Counselling.


I look forward to learning and growing with the women and continue to give them newer possibilities and ideas.


Minal Bajaj