The Jamnalal Bajaj Sewa Trust, established in 1942, is a registered charitable organization created with the objective of inspiring, encouraging and motivating under-privileged women of varied communities, keeping in mind an emphasis on the overall development.


The “Three Es”: Education, Encouragement or Enhancement leading to Entrepreneurship

  • To boost the aspirations of women towards realisation of their dreams.
  • To implement skill augmentation, livelihood and intervention programmes to initiate purposeful changes in their lives.
  • To provide a taste and an experience of the possibilities of an independent small scale establishment.
  • To bring about a meaningful change in outlook and mind set, driving the women to make radical changes in their lives wherever required.
  • To make available means and resources unilaterally to all women.
  • To make the women feel as if they have ‘a safe haven’ (a home away from home).


Demographic Data of the Target Population

Our beneficiaries are from 20–70 years in age. Women range from housewives, nannies, domestic workers, vegetable vendors, SHGs members, and many more. Majority of the women are mothers who have not been fortunate to have completed their basic primary education.

4 - Independent Skilled and Trained Designers/ Artisans
3 - Apprenticeships
2 - Introduction to Skilled Tailoring
1 - Introduction to Nascent (Basic) Tailoring skills blended with a wholesome educative, mental and physical approach