Broadening Horizons

Most of our beneficiaries are forced to stay closer to home, watching over their children and running their households, resulting in limited exposure to the outside world. Every tree begins with a seed. But with the passage of time and the right proportion of water, air and sunlight the tree grows into a full-grown living being by itself. The women start like seeds that germinate, grow into saplings and then go ahead to blossom. In order to optimize this growth additional exposure and awareness is given by Hamaara Sapna to these women.


Experts from different walks of life are invited to come and share their success stories and the challenges that they faced whilst achieving their goals. These are meant to be eye openers for the women to prove that anything is possible if one is ready to accept the challenges. Our beneficiaries tend to identify with the different experiences and situations of the speakers. These become like support systems in their own way and give them the strength and solutions to many of the challenges that they face in their lives.


Broadening horizons would serve as a catalyst to bring about major changes in the women:

  • They become inspired and aware therefore bringing about positive changes in their lives.
  • They become self-motivated and ready to take on challenges, head on if need be.
  • It improves their communication skills.
  • Increases level of exposure.
  • Carve their own niche and be known for their skills.