The Power of Perseverance

Vishal Gandhi


Tardeo, Mumbai

30 Jul 2012

The Power of Perseverance

Mr. Gandhi is a PhD and recent Mumbai - return with a good deal of work in the social sector under his belt.  Born and raised in Mumbai, he returned to the city after spending nearly a decade abroad. In that time, he acquired professional experiences across 5 industries and 3 continents, in addition to completing an undergraduate degree from Indiana University and a PhD from Vanderbilt University.  Vishal is committed to social and economic development, and to that end he has worked with the Government of India’s Planning Commission as well as Dalberg Global Development Advisors. In speaking with the women, Vishal communicated the importance of perseverance.  He gave the beneficiaries many personal examples of what he had achieved through sheer determination.  In that vein, he suggested a few simple steps which would assist the beneficiaries in their quest to become entrepreneurs.  Homework given by Vishal included: 1.  Set "impossible" goals,2.  Revitalize some of the dreams you had previously given up - this time exhaust all possible paths,3.  Connect with one new person each week. As our first batch of beneficiaries approach their six month anniversary with us, this lecture on tenacity and keeping the end goal in sight was especially timely.

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