Legal Rights Session

Ms.Sindhu Nair

(Head-Social Support unit)

Dharavi, Mumbai

04 Oct 2018

Legal Rights Session

Majlis Legal Centre is a forum for women's rights discourse and legal initiatives. This is a group of women lawyers and social activists committed to informing, educating and empowering women on their legal rights. Majlis offers legal services, conducts legal awareness trainings, and engages in policy level interventions, public campaigns and public interest litigation in order to help women access justice. Majlis helps organisations to create awareness on legal rights and also offer free legal aid to women and children facing sexual of domestic violence.During the session the women were informed about the different types of Domestic & sexual violence.Also covered was the OCSO Act 2012 (The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act) 2012 formulated in order to ffectively address sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children) /Sexual Harassment of women at work place/Muslim Women's Rights. The session ended with a question and answer round.

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