Legal Rights for Women

Megha Didi

(Law Student)

Tardeo, Mumbai

05 Oct 2016

Legal Rights for Women

Ms. Megha, an economics graduate - studying LLB at K.C. Law college Mumbai, spoke to the beneficiaries of Tardeo about the legal rights that all wommen have, She discussed the consitutional rights that are present but are not utilised as many have no clue about them. She emphasised the importance of being aware and understand how rights can help women in certain situations. She explained how even if a women went to the police station, she could use the rights to her benefit. She urged the women to self educate themselves with regards to this information and tale active interest to be informed. Being scared and letting others be in the driving seat will not help them. It is time to take things in one's own hand and do what one has to do if need be.

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