Khushnoor Jijina

((MMA Fighters, Judo Coaches, Personal Fitness & Health Consultants))

Tardeo, Mumbai

09 Feb 2018


Khushnoor who has multiple black belts and is skilled in a variety of Martial Arts, including Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Jiujutsu, Muay Thai and Krav Maga.Khushnoor is a National Karate, Judo & MMA (amongst others!) National Champion who trains not only the Mumbai Police, but Force One - Mumbai Specialized Counter terrorism Unit he excels as personal health and fitness consultants. Being that social causes is close to his heart (he has trained many street children from Grant Road, Colaba, Dongri & Bandra in the Martial Arts - many of whom are now instructors themselves. Self-defense, especially for women, is of utmost importance in the kind of the world we live in today. Women, usually referred as the weaker sex, are connsidered easier targets. Therefore, self-defense for women has become a necessity more than ever.The mindset of the people, including the victim and the spectator, is to ignore and just let it go. But, as a responsible individual we fail to realize is that these instances of harassment can flare up into other bigger heinous crimes against women. And that is when the importance of learning self-defense techniques for women is essential.

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