Realizing Hamaara Sapna

Haresh Shah

(Architect and Social Activist)

Tardeo, Mumbai

20 Feb 2012

Realizing Hamaara Sapna

Mr. Haresh Shah, as an expert in both the Development and Khadi sectors, serves as Hon. Advisor to Hamaara Sapna. In this capacity he assists with resources, technical referrals and market and fashion know-how. Mr. Shah currently serves as a member on both the Planning Commission’s Expert Committee on Development of the Handloom Sector and the Steering Committee on Handlooms and Handicrafts. He was previously a member of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission and was decorated with the title “Knight of the Order of Merit” by the President of the French Republic in recognition of the work he has done in the field of Development. Mr. Shah is also the Joint Secretary of the Yusuf Meherally Centre.As anyone who has heard him lecture can attest, Mr. Shah is a dynamic speaker who is able to motivate through sheer enthusiasm. He spoke to the women about his dream for Hamaara Sapna and marginalized people as a whole. He spoke of the sky being the limit in terms of opportunity and what the beneficiaries can reap from this course. In a lovely eye opening question and answer session, he had each and every beneficiary state what is her sapna (dream). Answers were varied but one of our favorites was "for the whole world to know who I am." This session reaffirmed that every woman, from the marginalized women of the South Mumbai slums to our country's female president, has a dream which deserves to be recognized.

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