Wardha Trip

Hamaara Sapna Members


Tardeo, Mumbai

11 Feb 2014

Wardha Trip

Beneficiaries of Tardeo Centre was taken to Wardha, Sevagram . The place where Gandhiji resided was seen. His charkha still lies there. The participants went to a nearby village where Gandhiji lived in a hut and where many meetings during the freedom fighting movement were conducted. They saw the place from where Gandhiji often wrote letters to others with respect to the same cause. Beneficiaries also visited the temple which was opened to all there including the 'shudras' because of Gandhiji's strong interventions to allow all to visit the temple. this was an eye opener to the beneficiaries. Beenficiaries were very pleased to meet Mr. Gautam Bajaj there and spoke to him. he was equally delighted to meet them.

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