Hamaara Sapna Annual Picninc

Hamaara Sapna Members


Tardeo, Mumbai

11 Nov 2017

Hamaara Sapna Annual Picninc

Since 2010, Protecterra is working hard to turn this forested patch into a refurbished home for numerous species of animals, birds and insects, which had long abandoned the area in the wake of increased human intrusion and a dwindling habitat.Apart from measures to stem soil erosion on the hillside, they have dotted the landscape with water bodies to harvest rainwater and to serve as watering holes for the animals. Over a thousand trees call the Farm home today, with new saplings joining them every year. Butterflies dance across and within the green canopy in their scores, to choruses of vibrant bird calls that carry through the forest. A few huts and rudimentary structures – all made by hand – are the only signs of human presence. All construction material has either been donated or salvaged from scrap, all planting, digging and landscaping has been done with help from volunteers and all motivation has been sourced from grit, passion and a genuine love of the wild. What was once a neglected piece of fallow land on the outskirts of the city is now a veritable oasis; their very own green zone – unspoiled, untouched and undisturbed – attracting a vast variety of animals and birds to return to their natural habitat in the region. The entire team of Hamaara Sapna along with the women enjoyed the one day picnic at the Farm, took part in the drum cirlcle actviity, visited the National Defense Academy. It was a great outing for all of them.

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