TATA Mumbai Marathon 2023

Hamaara Sapna Members


Tardeo, Mumbai

15 Jan 2023

TATA Mumbai Marathon 2023

This year around 150 beneficiaries participated in the Mumbai Marathon 2023. All completed the Dream Run holding high the placards and banners of Hamaara Sapna. Performing the Surya Namaskar by the beneficiaries was appreciated by all which was on account of the Mark Sankrant which marks the sun's transit into Makara (Capricorn) Rashi (zodiac sign). All enjoyed eating the white til (sesame seeds) and jaggery for more energy. Clicking photographs under the banner of Hamaara Sapna and representing it is always a proud moment. At the end of the event, though all were tired there was a smile on every face and every heart filled with pride to be a part of a larger course and contribute in some manner. All the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to Hamaara Sapna to be able to contribute and be a part of such a large-scale event.

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