TATA Mumbai Marathon 2018

Hamaara Sapna Members


Tardeo, Mumbai

21 Jan 2018

TATA Mumbai Marathon 2018

The Mumbai Marathon 2018 brought a sense of pride, belonging and collectivization amongst thousands. As always the excitement and enthusiasm amongst all the women of Hamaara Sapna was commendable.Broad grins were everywhere one turned. Not only the women but the staff of Hamaara Sapna was proud to be there and eager to start the run. Every year the number of participants in this amazing event keeps increasing and the same was seen this year as well. Representatives from Bajaj Group were also there to create special moments in time. Most of all the women loved the unwavering support and enthusiasm that Mrs. Minal Bajaj exuberates at such an event. There was so much to do for everyone and the women did not miss a single opportunity. Right from making a pyramid of glasses and stacking them back within 15 seconds, piling up glasses on paper and then pulling the paper from under them, getting themselves tattoos, dancing with the dancers there or contributing to an NGO by painting hand-made paper which would be used to make cards and sold- they tried their hand at everything. They loved winning prizes. The final exaltation comes when the entire Hamaara Sapna comes together to stand next to the banner of Hamaara Sapna. Every women there loved the experience and every heart went home feeling satiated with fond memories.

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