TATA Mumbai Marathon 2020

Hamaara Sapna Members

Tardeo, Mumbai

19 Jan 2020

TATA Mumbai Marathon 2020

Another year went with Hamaara Sapna beneficiaries participating in the much awaited marathon.The enthusiasm was high and so was the energy to participate and also partake in all the other activities associated with it as well.This time there were three centres participating which increased the number of beneficiaries to a large extent.Representatives from Bajaj Group were also present to make this event memorable.Beneficiaries participated in Zumba dance practice, Bhangra dance practice, played many games and some even won small prizes, painted, did some craft and much more.Some even played cricket.All in all everyone had a blast.The beneficiaries loved the medal that they received and many clicked selfies and group photos with their friends.They looked forward to their goody bag.Every beneficiary and staff member went back home tired but happy and contented.

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