Dahisar Centre Inaguaration

Hamaara Sapna Members


Dahisar, Mumbai

19 Jan 2019

Dahisar Centre Inaguaration

The inauguration of the Dahisar Centre was a memorable day indeed.Founder Ms. Minal Bajaj along with the Project Director did the Ribbon cutting ceremony. This was followed by the puja that took place. Lighting of the lamp was followed by the beautiful Bharatnatyam performance by a student of the Dance school under Umesh Bhai Desaiji Memorial Trust. Mr. Rajesh had penned an emotional song for Hamaara Sapna which was sung by 2 representatives of Umeshbhai Memorial Trust. A beautiful gift given to Ms. Minal Bajaj was the song framed and presented. Testimonials given by beneficiaries from Dharavi and Tardeo Centre were so inspirational and motivational at the same time for the new ladies from Dahisar. The pleasant and heart touching surprise was by a group of beneficiaries from Hamaara Sapna when they saang "I Have a Dream", by ABBA. It reached out to everyone there and the love that they exhibited for Ms. Bajaj did not go unnoticed. All in all it was a lovely end to an exciting day and a great beginning for the new centre.

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