Haldi Kumkum Celebration

Hamaara Sapna Members


Dharavi, Mumbai

22 Jan 2014

Haldi Kumkum Celebration

Hamaara Sapna- Dharavi Centre celebrated its annual Haldi Kumkum Festival. This auspicious day started with a puja followed by all married women applying a vermillion tikka to each others's forehead, sprinkling some rice, wishing each other eternal marital bliss and giving flowers to each other. Sesame laddoos were distributed along with a small token from Hamaara Sapna on this auspicious occassion. Women dressed up in their best sarees and looked radiant and beautiful. They found great joy in coming together and celebrating this festival. They danced to popular music, played games and munched on snacks. Beneficiaries always have a great time celebrating this festival with their friends.

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