Gandhian Thought

Gautam Bajaj

(Social Worker)

Tardeo, Mumbai

27 Feb 2012

Gandhian Thought

Gautambhai Bajaj belongs to the family of Shri Jamnalal Bajaj - a noted freedom fighter, social reformer, humanitarian and the fifth son of Mahatma Gandhi. Gautambhai is the son of veteran Gandhian and Sarvodaya leader Shri Radhakrishna Bajaj.  He  joined  the Bhoodan and Gramdan movement of Shri Vinoba Bhave in 1951. He played a unique role to keep alive works and programmes of Vinobaji through photographs, which have won international acclaim. Gautambhai has made a significant contribution in the compilation of Sri Vinoba’s  speeches along with Sarvodaya Worker Sushri Nirmala Deshpande. Gautambhai  is also passionately committed to managing  the  Brahmavidyamandir in Pavnar for women till date,  as the sole male member chosen by Shri Vinobaji. Since last forty years Gautambhai has worked relentlessly for his mission of constructive work based on Gandhian philosophy and ideologies. At the age of 74, with his young and energetic approach, he is rendering his selfless services based on Vinobaji teachings and he plays an important role in the field of constructive revolution. For his special contribution towards the country's constructive revolution, Gautambhai has been felicitated with the Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Sadbhavna Puraskar in 2008 and Shri Virendra Tiwari  Smriti Rachanatmak Samaan in 2010 awarded by Madhya Pradesh Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti. Mr. Bajaj gave a motivational lecture to the beneficiaries, stating the role of education and empowerment in the development of society. In particular, he noted when a woman is empowered, it results in the well-being and progress of her children, her family, her society and her nation, at large. As per Mr. Bajaj, a Woman, a Mother, personifies God on Earth. He stated God resides in a home where the woman is respected, her well being taken care of and is happy through her life. However Mr. Bajaj also noted marginalized women have a long and difficult journey to make, which can be overcome via development of inner strength and a sense of self; this will in turn help them to be self reliant and acquire a respectable position in their society.

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