Laws for Women

Anil Choubey


Dharavi, Mumbai

27 Mar 2014

Laws for Women

Mr. Anil Choubey spoke about the different Laws that are there for women, but not all women know about them. Mr. Anil emphasiszed the requirement of the laws and how they should be abided by and put into practice. Women tend to face issues due to lack of knowledge and understanding. They needed to know the law so that they would know what to do in dire circumstances. They would also be in a position to help others and prevent others from getting into difficult situations. Mr. Choubey mentioned that women need to be educated first so that they are aware of their rights and can stand up for themselves. Women should also brief others so that all are well informed. Beneficiaries found the session very important and informative as well as they got to know so much regarding the laws that prevail for them. They mentioned that many men of the family may also not be well versed with the laws.

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