Women Empowerment

Anami Roy

(Ex-Director General of Police, Maharashtra)

Tardeo, Mumbai

28 Mar 2012

Women Empowerment

Mr. A.N.Roy served in the Indian Police Service 38 years and was the Director General of Police (Maharashtra) and police commissioner of Mumbai, Pune, New Bombay and Aurangabad. He also served in the Prime Minister's office in Delhi. As Mumbai's police commissioner he set up a phone helpline for senior citizens, a zopadpatti police panchayat for policing slums in Mumbai and Pune. He supervised the investigation of the 7/11 train blasts and the 26/11 terrorist attacks. After retiring, in 2010, he set up Vandana Foundation, which supports small entrepreneurs in Mumbai and farmers widows in Vidarbha. He is on the board of directors of HDFC Bank and Glaxo Smith Kline India. Mr Roy has a masters in history and another in public administration.Mr. Roy addressed the Hamaara Sapna beneficiaries not as the former DGP, but as someone who wants to help them find their place in society. He spoke to them regarding the importance of family values to society and also in regards to economic empowerment and their legal rights. He stated that physical violence must never be tolerated and that should the unfortunate situation of abuse occur, the women should know their legal rights. He stated Indian law heavily favors the woman in situations of abuse and empowered and emboldened by this knowledge, women must see themselves as powerful. During the question and answer section, one beneficiary recounted an issue she was having and asked him if he could be of assistance. Mr. Roy then turned to the white board, wrote his mobile number and ended the session by telling each lady in the room not to hesitate to call him should his help be required.

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