Dance - Cleaning Inner and Outer Self

Alya Howe

(Myofacial Body Worker CTT, Movement Analyst and Choreographer)

Tardeo, Mumbai

05 Feb 2016

Dance - Cleaning Inner and Outer Self

Ms. Ayla Howe has come up with a unique concept of choreographing a dance taking the moves of cleaning with a mop/vacuum cleaner. Metaphorically the dance used simple cleaning moves which was credible. However, she also explained the purpose of this specific routine. She discussed with the women how vacuum cleaners helped to clean the dirt outside. But what about the dirt that resides in one's thoughts and mind? Cleaning one's inner thoughts and ideas was essential too. She did a guided meditation with the women and showed them some simple breathing techniques that they could use to let go of certain issues that they may find difficult to release and deal with removal of the 'inner dirt'. This would work as inner cleaning and washing. She ensured that all the women present learnt her dance routine. She also showed a short clip of the dance that she had choreographed being performed on stage. Beneficiaries were very proud when she told them that they all were quick learners and had grasped a part of the routine that she showed so well. This was a session that all would remember for a long time to come for sure.

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