What is Your Sapna?

Vandana Rokade


Tardeo, Mumbai

12 Oct 2012

What is Your Sapna?

Mrs. Vandana Rokade is a counselor with a wealth of experience in working with women from marginalized sections of society.  Luckily for Hamaara Sapna, she has been a recurring guest speaker here at the Centre and our beneficiaries absolutely adore her. Her session topics have ranged from rapport building and self awareness to decision making, stress management and emotional adjustment but this past week's lecture came at a time when the beneficiaries needed a bit of reminding as to why they had enrolled themselves in the Hamaara Sapna program in the first place.  Vandana began the lecture by making each woman divulge: "What is your sapna (dream)?"  In other words, what goal did they have in mind when joining the program?  Interestingly enough, learning a trade in order to earn income for their families was not necessarily everyone's answer.  Many of the women shared that they had come to Hamaara Sapna to fulfill their thirst for knowledge - be it learning English in order to converse with their children, or computers in order to feel like part of the 21st century, or yoga in order to bring some peace of mind. The beneficiaries left the session with a renewed sense of commitment and motivation.  We look forward, as always, to having Mrs. Rokade back as soon as possible.

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