General Health Check

Dr. Sonal Jhaveri


Dharavi, Mumbai

08 Feb 2014

General Health Check

Dr. Jhaveri is no stranger to Hamaara Sapna.  She generously lends us her time now and then to come in and answer any medical queries the beneficiaries may have, as they generally cannot afford to take the time, or pay the cost, to see a doctor otherwise. She individually attended and assessed the beneficiaries to try to know the nature and extent of their bones and joint disorders.She suggested a range of suitable exercises and stretches to carry out at home in order to speed up the healing process. Dr. Jhaveri also offered practical advice concerning a patient’s diet and lifestyle. Any cases which she feels are more serious are then referred up to Hamaara Sapna leadership, who then generally send the beneficiaries to the hospital for follow up.

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