Dance Therapy Session

Ms. Dilshad Patel

(Movement Therapist)

Dahisar, Mumbai

18 Jul 2019

Dance Therapy Session

Ms. Dilshad Patel conducted a Dance Therapy session for women. 86 women participated in the session. Dilshad taught ladies some dance movements and also explained the importance of Dance Movement Therapy. She also explained importance of nutrition and effect of the same in our day to day life. This session provides energy and freshness in the busy schedule of Modern era.Movement Therapy is based on the scientific concept that the body and mind are in constant reciprocal interaction. Motion influences body image and leads from a change in body image to a change in psychic & attitude. Movement Therapy works from the premise that the mind and the body are inseparable, such that a change in one affects the change in the other. It was a new experience for the Women. Women enjoyed the session to the fullest.



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