Chalo Tension Ko Maarein Goli

Dr. Dilip Nadkarni

(Orthopedic Surgeon, Author, Musician & Motivational Speaker)

Tardeo, Mumbai

10 Sep 2012

Chalo Tension Ko Maarein Goli

Dr. Dilip Nadkarni is an orthopedic surgeon specialized in treating sports and fitness related injuries. Dr Nadkarni’s forte is Arthroscopic , or keyhole surgery of the knee. He has performed over 10000 knee operations.  Dr. Nadkarni is affiliated with Lilavati Hospital & Saifee hospitals; his private clinic operates in Santa Cruz.  The doctor is also a member of the faculty at the American College of Sports Medicine. Dr Nadkarni has authored 3 books: "Knee Problem No Problem" (also available as a DVD), "REAL Fitness" and "Calm Sutra".  He also maintains a website: www.KneeGuru.in Apart from his surgical work, Dr. Nadkarni launched the Fit India Movement to promote fitness and gives lectures on tv/radio/clubs and businesses.  Dr Nadkarni also conducts Calm Sutra workshops for corporate audiences where he provides a simple formula to remain Calm, Relaxed, Healthy and Happy - the mainstay being music.   This is fitting as Dr. Nadkarni is also a singer/songwriter and music composer with original works to his credit. During his lecture at Hamaara Sapna,  Dr. Nadkarni lectured on practical stress busters including Music, Breathing and the "anytime/anywhere" Vertical Yoga.  When he asked the beneficiaries what they did to beat tension, he was happy to hear they sang, prayed, meditated and even window shopped, but he wanted to encourage everyone to try exercise as a method of tension relief.   He also taught proper posture, self-awareness and deep breathing.  Perhaps best of all, the beneficiaries very much enjoyed Dr. Nadkarni's singing - there were whispers of "Dev Anand" throughout the audience. 

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