Under the Tree

Anusha Babbar


Tardeo, Mumbai

18 Oct 2012

Under the Tree

Ms. Anusha Babbar comes from a long line of horticulturists, thus her green thumb is hereditary.   Though she has a double major in Psychology & Sociology, her post-graduate degree is in horticulture.   Ms. Babbar is proprietor of Under the Tree, which is a dual garden design consultancy and workshop-based program.  Her aim is to reconnect Mumbaites to nature. Anusha gave a stimulating lecture on the environment, the importance of trees and plants, how to grow them and how to compost and recycle waste.   In a city like Bombay, it's sometimes hard to find green space, and all to easy to find garbage.  To this end, Ms. Babbar discussed the benefits of keeping plants in the home, not only for pleasure, but for practical purposes (such as growing subzi) as well.  She also informed the beneficiaries on the merits of composting waste and the ease with which this can be accomplished.  Anusha was thrilled with the amount of knowledge and interest the beneficiaries displayed in regards to horticulture: there were shouts of "oxygen!" and "carbon dioxide!" as the photosynthesis process was discussed.  The beneficiaries were especially happy to see the 8 kilos of brinjal recently produced in Anusha's garden.

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