Hamaara Sapna Annual Picnic 2019

Hamaara Sapna members


Tardeo, Mumbai

14 Nov 2019

Hamaara Sapna Annual Picnic 2019

Beneficiaries of Hamaara Sapna from all three centres went on a field trip to Yusuf Meherally Centre at Panvel.The purpose of this visit was to let the beneficiaries be aware of all the different activities that this centre is involved in.This centre is a voluntary organization started with philanthrophic initiatives for rural development based on philosophies of Shri Mahatma Gandhi.This was an educative experience for all the women.Keeping Gandhian principles in mind, they understood the functioning of this centre.They were taken around and showed the working of the entire ccentre.Beneficiaries saw Bapu and Ba Kutir- replicas of the kutirs in Wardha where Gandhiji and Kasturba resided.Besides this they were also shown the nursery which housed various medicinal plants and kitchen plants.Soap making,cold pressed different oils processing, pottery making, terrarium making and bio gas and last but not the least - The Butterfly Garden were other star attractions of the place.The women found the entire environment very rustic and having a village feel.The talk and presentation given by the centre people was hard hitting and made the women think about living the right way in body and mind.All in all it was a memorable and fruitful trip.

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